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Dumb Men Jokes 3

    This man went to the doctor because he had a problem. The doctor asked him what was wrong and the man said his dick was orange. So the doctor ran all the normal tests on him to see what was wrong. The doctor did not find any thing wrong with the man so the doctor asked the man if he lived next to a waste dump. The man said "NO". Then the doctor asked him if he handled any toxic chemicals at work. Again the man said "NO that he didn't have a job". So the doctor asked him what he did all day long and the man said " I just sit around , watch Playboy Channel, and Eat CHEETOS."


    A man walks into a bar and sees a jar on the counter with about 10 thousand dollars in it. He asks the bartender about and he says, "I'll give that money to anyone who does exactly what I say."

    The man replies "okay I'll do it."

    The bartender says "okay but first why don't you have a drink." the man takes the drink.he asks what it is he has to do again. The bartender says "have another one on the house." The man again has a drink. the man - now drunk - says, "What ish it I gotta do?"

    the bartender says okay, "See that man over there, the 7'11" 400 pound one. Well if you can hit him one time and make him fall you'll be one step closer to getting the money. Next go outside to see a mean ole dog with a bad tooth. If you can get that tooth you'll be two steps closer to that money.

    The man says "well what else do I have to do?"

    The bartender says "well upstairs there's a 107 year old lady. If you sleep with her you get the money."

    the man says okay and hits the big man once making him fall at once.

    He goes outside and the bartender hears the dog howling and barking loudly. he says to himself "that man is getting that tooth!"

    the man comes in and says, "Whew, now where's the bitch with the bad tooth?!!"


    Once there were three construction workers. When it was lunchtime one day, they all sat down together.

    The first one opened his lunchbox and said, "Eeew, turkey! I hate turkey!" So he shot himself with a rivet gun.

    The second one opened his lunchbox and said, "Eeew, ham! I hate ham!" So he jumped off the building.

    The third one opened his box and said, "Eeew, mac and cheese! I hate mac and cheese!" So he ran himself over with a bulldozer.

    At the funeral, their three wives were talking about their lost husbands. The first two were very sad, but the third was rather puzzled.

    the first wife said, "I thought he liked turkey!"
    The second one said, "I thought he liked ham!"
    But the third one was still puzzled. She said, "I thought he packed his own lunch."

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