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    Johnny Raper goes to Heaven

    Johnny Raper, the legnedary StGeorge player from the 1950s and 1960s passed away. The Rugby League World was in mourning. This was a bad day for Rugby League and Australian Sport.

    While the StGeorge fans and others mourned, Johnny was being transported up to the Gates of Heaven, where he as greeted by a man.

    "Hell Mr Raper! You are a legend. You were one of the immortals - a legend in your own lifetime. I watched you and you will have no problems getting through this gate."

    "Gee Thanks" Johnny replied.

    "I do have to ask you, if there is anything you should tell me, which would prevent you from passing through these gates?"

    "Well.....in one of those Grand Finals out of the 11 in a row we won, there was a forward pass I threw to send one of out players in for the winning try"

    The Man at the Gates laughed.

    "No. I had a very close look at that, it was fair and square."

    "Really, I know it was a forward pass."

    "NO! There is no chance, I have looked at it many times on the video replay."

    "Well okay, if you insist. Thank you then, St Peter. I will pass through these gates now."

    "No problems, Mr Raper, but I better tell you I am not St Peter. I am StGeorge. St Peter is on a smoko break."

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