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Romantic Jokes 1

    Do you love me?
    Of course
    Then whisper something soft and sweet in my ear
    Lemon meringue pie!

    I wish I had a penny for every boy that's asked me out.
    Wow, so you'd have enough to use a public lavatory then!

    Q: What would it take to get you to kiss me?
    A: An anaesthetic!

    Why is your face all scratched?
    My girlfriend said it with flowers.
    How romantic.
    Not really, she hit me round the head with a bunch of thorny roses!

    I'm not rich like Jack, don't have a mansion like Russell or have a Porsche like Martin but I do love you and want to marry you. I love you too, but what was that you said about Martin!

    Q: Do you like me?
    A: Well, as boys go your OK, and the further you go the better!

    Q: Where are you off to?
    A: The doctors, I don't like the look of my husband.
    Q: Can I come with you?
    A: I can't stand the sight of mine!

    Q: Could you be happy with a boy like me?
    A: Maybe, If you weren't around too often!

    She's such a nice bird.
    She must be if she goes out with a worm like you!

    The computer dating agency picked me out as an ideal boyfriend?
    But who wants to go out with a computer!

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