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Romantic Jokes 3

    Q: Why do they call her an after dinner speaker?
    A: Because every time she speaks to a man she's after a dinner!

    Q: Did he really marry her because of her grandfathers fortune?
    A: He denies it. He says he would have married her no matter who had left her a fortune!

    His girlfriend returned all his letters.
    I bet she marked them "second class male!"

    I wish you were on TV
    Would you love me if I were a TV star?
    No, but I could switch you off!

    My boyfriend is really clever, he has brains enough for two.
    He sounds like the right boy for you!

    I can't leave you.
    Do you love me that much?
    It's not that, your standing on my foot!

    I got a lovely kitten for my girlfriend.
    I wish I could make a trade like that!

    My sister wanted to marry a man clever enough to make a lot of money but dumb enough to spend it on her!

    I wouldn't say your girlfriend has a big mouth, but when she yawns her ears vanish!

    When I grow up I'm going to marry the boy next door
    I'm not allowed to cross the road!

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