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New Short Brunette Jokes

    Q: What's the brunette's mating call?
    Brunette: "Who's next?"

    Blonde: "I thought you said I was sexier than that brunette b*tch?!"
    Redhead: "better start chewing some vitamins kid."

    - Submitted by Nicole.

    Q: Why are brunette jokes one-liners?
    A1: So blondes can REMEMBER them.
    A2: Because it would HURT a blonde's brain to think of a longer one.

    - Submitted by Nicole.

    Q: what's the only reason men prefer blondes?
    A: Because brunettes aren't as easy to get into bed.

    - Submitted by Nicole

    There was a blonde and a brunette walking down the street and the brunette said oh look a dead bird and the blonde looks up.

    - Submitted by ?

    A blond walks up to a river and says I wish I was 50% smarter so i can cross this river dam she turns into a redhead and swims across the river.

    Then a red head walks up to the river and says i wish i was 75% smarter so i could cross this river dam turns into a brunette and takes the ferry.

    Next a brunette walks up to the river and says i wish i was 100% smarter so i could cross this river dam turns into a man and walks across the bridge.

    - Submitted by Chris.

    There Was A Blonde A Brunette And A Redhead. They were trapped at a desert and their car broke down. They Each Could Take 1 Thing With them from the car. The Brunette took food in case she gets hungry. The redhead takes water in case she gets thirsty and the blonde took the car door. They kept walking and for a while longer the brunette asked the blonde why did u decide to take the car door? The blonde says if it is too hot I will just roll down the window and feel the breeze.

    - Submitted by ?

    Q: Why do brunettes wear training bras ?
    A: It's cheaper than changing their bandaids every day.

    - Submitted By Sarem.

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