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Short Lawyer Jokes 5

  • The complicated commercial lawsuit had dragged on for years and years.

    'I've had enough of this,' said the managing director of one of the firms involved. 'Let's come to a compromise solution and settle out of court.'

    'Impossible!' snorted the City solicitor. 'My firm is determined to fight your case right down to your last penny.'

  • 'Thank you for winning the case,' said the grateful client to her solicitor. He had won her 10,000 pounds from the local council as she had tripped over an uneven paving slab on the pavement and injured her leg.

    It was a pleasure,' said the solicitor, handing the client his bill.

    The client took the bill, then frowned: 'This bill is pretty steep. Is it right?'

    'Of course,' replied the solicitor. 'It represents good value for all our time, care, experience, expertise and legal knowledge. If it wasn't for us, you wouldn't have won the case.'

    'Nut your costs are almost half the damages,' replied the client. 'If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have had a case.'

    'But,' said the solicitor, 'anyone can trip over a paving slab.'

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