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Three Male Friends

    Once there were three friends and they would boast to each other about their belonging and achievements.

    Well things had deteriorated to such an extent that they would boast about anything among themselves.

    "I went hunting once" said one of them. He paused for a while and said further "I could not find a single Tiger the whole day. I was returning back to my Camp, and guess what I saw a Tiger right in front of me glaring at me".

    "Then what happened"? enquired another eagerly.

    What can happen? he replied and continued... I took my gun and aimed at the Tiger, just then I realised I had forgotten to load my gun. Then.....asked his friend.

    I pointed the gun and said slowly BANG and the Tiger died.

    Another said I was also hunting Tiger in the forest like you. I couldn't find any Tiger that day and when I was returning back I felt someone following me from the back, when I turned around the gun fell from my hand and the Tiger came very close to me sniffing.

    What happened next?

    I had the bullets in my breast pocket I only had to touch them.....the Tiger died.

    Third said.. I had an interview to attend and while I was travelling in the bus it had a puncture. Looking at my watch I had very little time in hand so I took a short-cut from the nearby zoological garden and guess what the first jump of mine made me land in the Tiger's cage.

    Then what happened....asked his friends.

    I went through my pocket no gun no bullets just a folded paper with trembling hand I unfolded the paper the Tiger died......

    Nonsense said his friends your paper has no relation with the hunting...

    Why he replied.....That was my GUN LICENCE.

    - Submitted by Dolphin Peters

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