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Three Women on an Island

    Three women are stranded on an island. One woman tripped over something. She looks down and sees a lamp. The girls rub the lamp and to their astonishment, a Genie pops out.

    "I will grant you 3 wishes, but since there of three of you, you will each get one wish."

    The first girl says, "I want to be strong enough to swim to shore." The Genie snapped his fingers, and the girl set out. Not 15 feet off the island, a shark came and ate her.

    The second girl says, "I want to be skilled enough to create something that will get me off the island." With that, the Genie snapped his fingers, giving the girl some logs and string, and she made a raft and set out. When she was 15 feet off shore, the tide grew strong, and the raft capsized, killing her.

    The third girl thought long and hard, when finally she came up with her wish. "I wish to be smart enough to find a way off the island." The Genie snapped his fingers, and she turned into a man and took the bridge.

    - submitted by The_Italian_Pimp to Jokes4U.

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