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An Engineer

    There are a bunch of work men on a construction site. A normal construction worker, an engineer, a scientist, and a union worker. They all happen to be on their brake, when the subject comes up about their dogs, and how smart they are. The construction guy tells everyone how smart his dog is and wants to show everyone, so he calls him "T-Bone! get over here. Do your stuff T-bone" T-Bone runs over to the work kitchen and prepares a perfect dozen of fresh cookies!

    The guys were pretty amazed with T-Bone. The second guy, the engineer, wants to show off what his dog has, so he calls him over. "T-Square get over here!" T-Square grabs a piece of paper and a pencil, and draws a circle, triangle, and a square. "wow," said the guys not bad..... not bad. The scientist having his nose up in the air says to all of them, "that was nothing!" "Watch this! Calculus!!! Do your stuff" Calculus runs into the work kitchen and pores 3 glasses of milk that are exactly 50 ml for each one! Well the guys were very amazed with the scientist and pretty much gave him the credit for having the smartest dog. A few minutes go by and they forgot all about the union worker. What can your dog do?? huh who me he said. Coffee Break get in here, coffee break, goes to the kitchen eats the cookies, drinks the milk, shits on the paper, screws all 3 dogs, complains about back pain while doing so, files for pention, and goes home on sick leave.

    - Submitted by Jeff (Whitey).

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