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Barbara Walters

    Barbara Walters is doing a report on an indian reservation. But right when she's about to leave, she notices that the indians have a different amount of feathers on their headbands. So she asks one indian "why do you have two feathers and that one has three and so on" and he replies "proudly me have two squalls me have two feathers" she doesn't get it so she asks the one with three "why do you have three feathers and he only has two" he replies "me have three squalls me have three feathers" she still doesn't under stand so she asks the chief. "why do you have so many feathers and they only have two or three" he answers "me chief me fuck em' all big fat tall small me fuck em' all" she says "well you don't have to be so hostile" he answers "hostile dogstyle horsestyle me fuck em' all" she screams "oh dear" he replies "no dear asshole to high and fucker run too fast"

    Submitted by Dillon Thomas

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