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Blonde Restroom

    One day a blondes husband said that he was going to divorce her if she kept going to the restroom on the side of the road, so she agreed.

    The next day when she had to go to the restroom she crossed the road and went inside her neighbors shed. She went into the shed and saw a golden toilet. She looked around and didn't see anyone too ask if she may use it so she just went to the restroom.

    When she got back her husband asked where she went to the restroom, she replied "in the neighbors out house" so he said "thats interesting, I never saw an out house over there, they must have just got it."

    The next day she had too use the restroom and again, nobody was there, so she just went to the restroom. When she got back her husband asked the same thing and got the same reply.

    The next day she had to use the restroom again, this time their whole family was in there, she then said to a little girl "I hope you don't mind, but I have been using your out house."

    The little girl then runs to her mether and says "mommy, mommy, I Know who has been pooping in your tuba!"

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