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Graduate Accountant

    A young graduate begins working in the office of a fusty manufacturing concern. After a few weeks he has an accounting problem he can't solve. He goes to the Chief Accountant and shows him the problem and asks for help. Later in the day through the open door, he watches as the Chief Accountant reads the report, opens his bottom desk drawer and stares down at something in the drawer and then writes the instructions.

    Years later, the young graduate becomes the Office Manager. Again he has a problem, writes it up, and takes it to the Chief Accountant. Again he watches through the open door as the Chief Accountant studies the problem. The drawer is opened, the long stare, then the writing of instructions.

    The Office Manager puzzled over this for many nights. Years pass. The Chief Accountant is about to retire. The Office Manager comes into say good-bye but his curiosity gets the better of him. "All these years I've seen you stare into that bottom drawer. What's in there?"

    The Chief Accountant says, "Since you will be my successor, I can show you what was left for me by my predecessor when I came here 20 years ago."

    He opens the drawer. A note is pasted to the bottom of the drawer. It reads:


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