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Hunter No Gun

    There's this guy who shows up at a cabin where these hunters have gathered to hunt bear. Only he shows up without a gun.

    The other hunters are very curious. "How you gonna get a bear without a gun?" they ask.

    "Do you have a knife?"

    "No," says the guy.

    "Do you have a club?"

    "No," says the guy.

    "Don't you worry. I'm gonna get myself a bear. Just wait right here and see."

    The guy leaves the cabin and disappears into the hills for several hours.

    Eventually he happens upon a bear asleep in his den and he kicks the bear and gets it really angry. As the bear wakes up, he starts to chase after the guy, so the guy starts running back towards the cabin.

    Finally the hunters hear him running down the hill and yelling, "Open the cabin door! Open the door!"

    They open the door and the guy runs into the cabin and holds the door open behind him. To the terror of the other hunters, an angry bear follows close behind, running into the cabin, too.

    Then the guy slams the door shut, and says, "You skin that one. I'll go get another."

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