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New Short Blonde Jokes 3

    There was a blond she was sick of how everybody was always saying that blonds were dumb.So she died her hair brown.Then she was driving down the road. She came up to a farm and asked the farmer if she could guess how many sheep he had, if she could have one. So she yells 269. The farmer all surprised that she guessed correct said she could have a sheep.So the blond goes and gets the sheep. Then the farmer said that if he could guess the color of her hair, would she give back his dog.


    Q: What is the difference between a blonde and an airplane?
    A: Not everyones been inside an airplane.

    - Submitted by Stephanie

    Q: What do you call an intelligent blonde?
    A: A Golden Retriever

    - Submitted by ?

    Q: What does it mean if a blonde has square boobs?
    A: She forgot to take the tissue out of the box.

    - Submitted by ?

    She was so blonde, that she thought two plus two was twenty-two.

    - Submitted by Emily cloutier.

    Q: Why don't blondes ever go to the plastic surgeon for thigh or butt implants?
    A: Because their butt and thighs are already BIG enough.

    - Submitted by Nicole.

    A blonde was bragging about her knowledge of state capitals. She proudly said, "Go ahead, ask me, I know all of them!"

    Her friend said, "O.K., what's the capital of Wisconsin?"

    The blonde replies, "Oh, that's easy! W."

    - Submitted by Jokes4U.

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