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Blonde Jokes

New Short Blonde Jokes 4

    Q: What should you do if a blonde throws you a pin?
    A: Run, 'cause the grenade is in her mouth.

    - Submitted by ?.

    Q: Why did the blonde bring a car door to the desert?
    A: She thought it was a map!

    - Submitted by Jordan.

    Q: A blonde and a scrunchy fell off a cliff. Which landed first?
    A: The scrunchy, the blonde had to ask for directions.

    - Submitted by ?

    Q: What does a Blonde and a screen door have in common?
    A: The more you open it the looser they get.

    Q: Why do Blondes wear looped earings?
    A: To use as a leg rest.

    - Submitted by Kristy.

    Q: What do you call two blondes in a cadilliac?
    A: Duel air bags.

    - Submitted by Mike.

    Q: Why cant blondes waterski?
    A: Because everytime they get wet there legs go up in the air.

    - Submitted by Michael Childers.

    Q: What do you call a blonde skeleton in a closet?
    A: The 1963 hide and go seek champion.

    - Submitted by Tom.

    Q: What does a blonde and a turtle have in common?
    A: You get them on their back and they're both screwed!

    - Submitted by Rebecca.

    Q: What did the blond say when she saw a bowl of cheerios?
    A: Neto! donnut seeds.

    - Submitted by Rena.

    She is so blonde that she thought Taco Bell was the Mexican phone company!!!!!

    - submitted by Amy.

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