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Yo Momma Jokes

New Yo Momma Jokes 11

  • yo mamma so fat when she was swimming in the ocean a littleboy passed by her and said"Look mama its Titanic".
    - submitted by AlviraB

  • Yo Mama is so small she has to stand on a nickle to pee on a dime.
  • Yo Mama is so fat when she where's her Malcolm X T-shirt helicopter's land on her back.
  • Yo Mamma is so dumb she thought she could get a virous from a computer.
  • Yo Mamma is so dumb she thought she could get something from driving in the HOV lane.
  • Yo Mamma is so fat when she stoud in the middle of the road I went to swerve around and ran out of gas.
  • Yo Mamma is so fat she sat on a dollar bill and squeezed a buger out of George Washington's noise.
  • Yo Mamma is so greasey she uses a piace of bacon for a band-aid.
  • Yo Mamma is so stupid she thoght taco-bell was a mexican hot-line.
  • Yo Mamma is so stupid she had to climb over the glass wall just to see what was on the other side.
  • Yo mamma is so fat I went to climb on her and I burnt my ass on a light-bulb.
  • Yo Mamma is so stuipd she thought Boys-2-men was a daycare center.
  • Yo Mamma is like an Ice-cream cone every body gets a lick.
  • Yo Mamma is so fat she stuck her toes in the ocean and all the whales jump out of the water and sing we are a Family.
    - submitted by Deseri Rivas

    - submitted by ShortstMstrmdgt

  • yo momma so fat, she got two butts: one inthe front and one in the back.
    - submitted by RKL64

  • Yo mamma so old she use to gang bang with the hebrews.
    - submitted by Alex Jackson

  • ur momma so stupid some one told her it was chilly out side and she ran and got a bowl.
    - submitted by Dan

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