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Yo Momma Jokes

New Yo Momma Jokes 22

  • yo mam so fat that she had all the zoo animals to give up their lunch.
    - submitted by TazWinder55

  • Yo moma's so fat when she saw a bus full of white kids she said stop that twinky.
    - submitted by Eric Hensly

  • your mama so dumb, when she went to the movies the sign said rated r for 17 and under so she went home and got 16 of her friends.
    - submitted by Verneshias

  • yo momas so fat she rolled over in the Grand Canyon and got stuck.
  • yo momas so fat her butt needs a zip code.
    - submitted by Proelementtec

  • Yo mama so pore i saw her kicking a bax and i asked her why she was kicking a box and sh said that she was moving.
  • Yo mama so ugly she had to tie a porch chop around her neck so that the dog would play with her.
  • yo ur mama so fat we hadf to grease the door way and wave a twinky in front of her so she could go through.
    - submitted by Sk8trmann923

  • Yo momma so ugly she looked in a mirror her reflection died.
    - submitted by PoopMarquis

  • your mom is so fat her picture fell down.
  • your mom is so stupid she decided to climb 50 walls. By the time she reached the 47th she got tired, she then turned around and climbed back.
  • your mom is so fat she spells frodge: O I C U R MT.
  • your mom is so poor she gave you unwanted periods for your birthday.
  • your mom is so poor, you walked into the house and dropped a cigarette butt on the floor, she then yelled: clap your hands and stomp your feet, praise the lord for we have heat!
    - submitted by Russell D.

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