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    Q: Are you in the top half of your class?
    A: No, I'm one of the students who make the top half possible!

    Art Teacher: The picture of the horse is good, but where is the wagon?
    Pupil: The horse will draw it!
    Teacher: Why are you picking your nose in class?
    Pupil: My mother won't let me do it at home!

    Teacher : Why are you reading the last pages of your history book first?
    Pupil: I want to know how it ends!

    Teacher: If you have five haystacks in one corner, five in another and two in another, how many would you have?
    Pupil: One big haystack!

    Teacher: Does anyone know who broke the sound barrier?
    Pupil: I'm no squealer!

    Teacher: Do you file your nails Billy?
    Billy: No, I just throw them away!

    Teacher: Billie, stop your day dreaming?
    Billie: I wasn't day dreaming, I was taking a nap!

    Teacher: What can we do to stop polluting our waters?
    Pupil: Stop taking baths?

    Teacher : Can't you retain anything in your head overnight?
    Pupil : Of course, I've had this cold in my head for two days!

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