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Short Christmas Jokes 7

    Santa: "What do you want for Christmas, young man?"
    Boy: "Well, there's a certain thing I'd really like."
    Santa: "What thing is that?"
    Boy: "Everything!"

    Q: What would you get if you crossed Santa with a giraffe?
    A: St. Neck!

    Q: What would you get if you crossed one of Santa's helpers with the King of Rock 'n' Roll?
    A: Elfis Presley!

    Q: What has fins, a tail, and is mailed to you at Christmas?
    A: A Christmas cod!

    Q: What did Santa way to his misbehaving reindeer?
    A: "Shape up or I'll a gnu crew."

    Q: Why don't elves play in the NBA?
    A: They just don't measure up!

    Q: What would get if you crossed St. Nick with Jon Arbuckle?
    A: Santa Clod!

    Q: What is Santa's favorite American state?
    A: Idaho-ho-ho!

    Q: What do Santa's helpers make the day before Christmas?
    A: Eight dollars an hour plus time and a half for overtime!

    Q: What is a monster's favorite Christmas poem?
    A: "The Fright Before Christmas!"

    A: What is a ghost's favorite Christmas carol?
    A: "We Wish You a Scary Christmas!"

    Q: What would you have if Santa brought you a kitten and a puppy?
    A: A meowy Christmas and a yappy New Year!

    Q: Why was Santa's sick helper reluctant to go to the hospital?
    A: Because he didn't have elf insurance!

    Q: What has four legs, a hump, and is found at the North Pole?
    A: A lost camel!

    Q: What goes "Ho-Ho-Ho-Swish"?
    A: Santa drilling a jump shot!

    Girl 1: "Do you like The Nutcracker Suite?"
    Girl 2: "I'm sugarplum crazy about it!"

    Q: What happens when Christmas angels meet?
    A: They both say, "Halo!"

    Q: Where does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?
    A: In the dictionary!

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