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Halloween Jokes

Short Halloween Jokes 6

    Q: Did you hear about the new ice cream for monsters?
    A: It's called "Cookies and Scream."

    Q: What would you get if you crossed Halloween with Christmas?
    A: A ghoul Yule!

    Q: Where do werewolves stay when they're on vacation?
    A: At the Howliday Inn!

    Q: Where does the Wolfman live?
    A: In a werehouse!

    Q: How do zombies celebrate Halloween?
    A: They paint the town dead!

    Q: What oinks amd drinks blood?
    A: A hampire!

    Q: Why are haunted houses so noisy in April?
    A: That's when the ghosts do their spring screaming!

    Q: What's orange on the inside and clear on the outside?
    A: A pumpkin in a plastic bag!

    Q: What does a vampire take for a cold?
    A: Coffin syrup!

    Q: Where do ghost ships like to cruise?
    A: In the Scare-ibbean Sea!

    Q: What European capital has the most ghosts?
    A: Boodapest!

    Q: What did the ghost serve at his Halloween party?
    A: Hallowieners!

    Q: What is a witch's favorite TV show?
    A: Lifestyles of the Witch and Famous!

    Q: What do fishermen say on Halloween?
    A: "Trick-or-trout!"

    Q: What do birds say on Halloween?
    A: "Trick-or-tweet!"

    Q: What would you get if you crossed a pumpkin with a Magic superstar?
    A: A shaq-o'-lantern!

    Student 1: "Did you know that ghosts are protected by the Constitution?"
    Student 2: "They are?"
    Student 1: "Sure. It''s in the Bill of Frights!"

    Q: Why did the pumpkin wear a football helmet?
    A: Because it was a jack-o'-lantern!

    Girl 1: "Can I invite a few friends to your Halloween party?"
    Girl 2: "Sure. The more, the scarier!"

    Q: What do you call a ghost at midnight?
    A: A sheet in the dark!

    Q: What did the man say when he saw the long-lost maniac?
    A: "You're a psycho for sore eyes!"

    Q: Did you hear about the ghost mortician?
    A: He lived in a haunted hearse!

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