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Short Halloween Jokes 7

    Q: What would you get if you crossed a prehistoric creature with a witch?
    A: A dino-sorceress!

    Q: What did the little ghost eat for lunch?
    A: A booloney sandwich!

    Q: What do little monsters like to drink?
    A: Ghoul-Aid!

    Q: What do you call eyeglasses for a ghost?
    A: Spooktacles!

    Q: Where would you find the graves of famous English ghouls?
    A: Westmonster Abbey!

    Q: How did the bootician style the ghost's hair?
    A: With a scare dryer!

    Q: What did the dog say to the skeleton?
    A: "I'd like to get to gnaw you."

    Q: Why didn't the little monster go trick-or-treating?
    A: He didn't have a costume.

    Girl Monster 1: "I hear you've met the perfect guy."
    Girl Monster 2: "Oh yes, he's a bad dream come true!"

    Witch 1: "How do you manage to stay in shape?"
    Witch 2: "I get a lot of hexercise."

    Q: Is it good to drink witch's brew?
    A: Yes, it's very newt-tricious!

    Q: Why is a ghost like an empty house?
    A: Because there's no body there!

    Q: What happened when the vampire met the werewolf?
    A: They became the best of fiends!

    Q: What Central American country has the most spooks?
    A: Ghosta Rica!

    Q: What would you get if you crossed the Wolfman with a dog?
    A: A werewolf!

    Q: Did you hear about the ghost who went on safari?
    A: He was a big-game haunter!

    Q: What game do baby ghosts like to play?
    A: Shriek-a-boo!

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