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Halloween Jokes

Short Halloween Jokes 8

    Q: What would you get if you crossed Halloween with Independence day?
    A: The Fourth of Ghoul-ly!

    Q: Why were the trick-or-treaters wearing grass skirts?
    A: Because it was Hulaween!

    Q: Where does a vampire keep his Easter candy?
    A: In his Easter casket!

    Q: How does a monster begin a fairy tale?
    A: "Once upon a slime..."

    Q: What's worse than a vampire with a toothache?
    A: A skeleton with arthritis!

    Q: What happened when the ghost disappeared in the fog?
    A: He was mist.

    Q: Where's the most dangerous place to go trick-or-treating?
    A: On the psycho path!

    Q: Did you hear about the really stupid horror movie?
    A: It was shudder nonsense!

    Q: Did you hear about the Egyptian monster who was a terrible driver?
    A: He was a crash mummy!

    Q: Did you hear about the starving vampire?
    A: He was all gums!

    Q: Why is it tough to compete against a vampire?
    A: Because they're always out for blood!

    Vampire 1: "I once went so long without fresh blood that I nearly died."
    Vampire 2: "How awful!"
    Vampire 1: "Yes. Fortunately, I found some in the neck of time."

    Q: Did you hear about the vampire in Camelot?
    A: He was a bite of the Round Table!

    Q: What would you get if you corssed Dracula with Captain Kidd?
    A: A vampirate!

    Q: What did vampire call his girlfriend?
    A: His "vein squeeze"!

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