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Short Kids Jokes 5

    Q: Why can't babies get married?
    A: They don't know how to tie the knot.

    Q: Why did the girl take a ladder to school?
    A: Because she was going to high school!

    Q: What invention allows you to see through walls?
    A: Windows.

    Q: What do you call two bananas peels?
    A: A pair of slippers.

    Q: Why did the soldier salute the tiger?
    A: Because the tiger had more stripes.

    Q: What di the rock pool say to the other rock pool?
    A: My mussles are bigger than yours!

    Q: Which travels faster, cold or heat?
    A: Heat, because you can catch cold.

    Q: Why did Polly put the kettle on?
    A: Because she had nothing else to wear.

    Q: Why did the little girl take candy to sleep?
    A: To have sweet dreams.

    Q: What has a hundred legs but can't walk?
    A: Fifty pairs of pants.

    Q: Why do farts smell?
    A: So deaf people can enjoy them too!

    Q: A woman has seven children, half of them are boys. How can this be possible?
    A: All the children are boys, so half are boys and so are the other half.

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