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Redneck Jokes

Short Redneck Joke 2

    You might be a Redneck If-

    Your wife can't fix you dinner because she has cheerleading practice.
    You consider safe sex as having a padded truck bed.
    You think safe sex is having a pad in the head board of your bed.
    You take your dog for a walk and you both use the tree at the corner
    You ever get hot flashes at cattle auctions
    You have ever financed a tattoo
    Slamming the door on your truck creates an instant sunroof.
    You paint your car with house paint
    Steeling road signs is a family outing.
    Your side by side refrigerator consist of two igloo coolers
    Some offers you a silver plate and you pull off you belt buckle and say "no thanks, I've already got one"
    You've ever yelled out the window "KIDS!! STOP PLAYIN' ON THAT SHEET METAL!'
    Your child's first pet was a chicken
    You think God looks like Hank Williams, Jr.
    You have more guns than teeth
    Your baby's first words were "Attention, KMart shoppers"
    Your front porch collapses and kills more than three dogs
    You use your belt buckle as identification
    Your belt buckle is bigger than your head
    Your family tree doesn't fork
    You consider dating second cousins 'playing the field'
    You've ever used your fishing license as a form of identification
    You missed your graduation because your kids were sick
    You refer to fifth grade as "My senior year"
    Somebody yells "Hoe down!" and your wife hits the floor
    The highlight of your family reunion was your sister's nude dancing debut
    You go to your sister's wedding so you can kiss the bride
    Your family reunion was ruined 'cause your daddy burnt the Spam
    You go fishing with a generator and a piece of copper wire
    Fancy eating out (for you) involves drivin' to the next window

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