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Short Teacher Jokes 10

    A gentleman wanders around the campus of a college looking for the library. He approaches a student and asked, "Excuse me young man. Would you be good enough and tell me where the library is at?"
    The student, in a very arrogant and belittling tone, replied, "I sorry, sir, but at this school, we are taught never to end a sentence with a preposition!"
    The gentleman smiled, and in a very apologetic tone replied, "I beg your pardon. Please allow me to rephrase my question. Would you be good enough to tell me where the library is at, asshole?"

    The English teacher's husband walked in and caught his wife sleeping with a young co-ed. He said, "Why, Susan, I'm surprised." She bolted upright, pointed her finger and corrected him, "No. I am surprised. You are astonished."

    An English professor complained to the pet shop proprietor, "The parrot I purchased uses improper language."
    "I'm surprised," said the owner. "I've never taught that bird to swear."
    "Oh, it isn't that," explained the professor. "But yesterday I heard him split an infinitive."

    Q: What do you get when you add 2 apples to 3 apples?
    A: A senior high school math problem.

    When you walk into the classroom and say good morning...

    When they say good morning back, it's Freshmen.
    When they put their newspapers down and open their books, it's Sophomores.
    When they look up so they can see the instructor over the tops of the newspapers, it's juniors.
    When they put their feet up on the desks and keep reading, it's seniors.
    When they write it down, it's graduate students.

    Q: How many schoolteachers does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: None. Anything not completed during the lesson is added to the homework.

    Q: How many students does it take to change a light bulb?
    A1: None. Light bulb changing isn't in the course notes.
    A2:"Is it worth any bonus marks?"

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