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    How the Xbox Came Into Being:-

    One Monday morning, at Microsoft HQ:

    Bill Gates: Ok, associates, what other things can we do to suck the public dry of cash?

    Ass#1: The video game area is a booming industry, your Highness.

    Bill: Yes! That's a great idea. What designs do we have in the making?

    Ass#2: Well, we want something original, since every other company has a different look to their machines. Nintendo's new machine looks like a handbag, Sony's looks like a VCR, and Sega's looks like a misshapen box. Any ideas?

    Bill: Well, here's an idea. We want to cross off all competition, right?

    Ass#1: Yeah...?

    Bill: And since the thing is going to look boxy anyway, we might as well put Box in the name, right?

    Ass#2: Sounds good, highness.

    Bill: So our new machine will be called the Xbox!


    Bill: Alright, now what should we put in the box?

    Ass#3: Well, based on estimates, the best competitor has a 405 Mhz processor, so let's top that!

    Bill: Sounds good.

    Ass#2: And the PS2 can generate 66 million polys/sec. How many can our top-of-the-line P4s generate?

    Ass#1: Easily more with a Voodoo5. Let's throw that in!

    Bill: Okay. Now, what games can we put on it? Age of Empires is a no-brainer, but what else?

    Ass#2: Well, Command & Conquer is a good franchise. And we can always buy some others that we don't have control of already...

    Bill: Good. Let's go buy a few big-name game franchises, and Microsoftify them!

    All: Here here!

    Ass#3: One final thing. Many people who bought the PS2 bought it for its DVD capability. Should we throw that in?

    Bill: Yeah, but make it an extra, so that they have to pay more if they want it.

    Ass#1: Very lucrative thinking, highness.

    Bill: Yes, thank you for the compliment. You deserve a raise. In fact, you all do. Bring a prototype to me before Friday, and you all get a 200% raise!

    All: Here here! GO M$ GO!

    - Submitted by David Eckert

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